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Our Story

Our history begins in 1985, with two entrepreneurs and dreamers starting a small family business in the highland town of Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.Collaborating with exceptional farmers and committing to truly Direct-Trade practices allows us to provide remarkable coffees.

As a result of staying true to our family values that inspired us, we’ve accomplished the dream of sourcing and roasting specialty coffee while raising the quality standard. Soon realized we had to find a way to connect closer with the community and share our passion. This led to the launch of our Tomball, Texas branch established in 2002, where today our Master Roaster proudly handcrafts every small batch.

We have grown into a solid staff that is united and driven by our common passion.

We continue to elevate our products with the mission to always serve our community with integrity and professionalism. We believe it is our responsibility to share the solid chain built through hard work from farm to mill and exporter to the roaster.

Coffee is our ritual and it’s what inspires us.