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Our Story

Our Story

Established in 1985, our journey commenced with two visionary entrepreneurs founding a small family business in the picturesque highland town of Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. Through collaboration with highly devoted farmers and unwavering commitment to genuine Direct-Trade practices, we have been able to consistently source exceptional coffees. 

Guided by our enduring family values, we have realized the dream of sourcing and roasting specialty coffee while setting elevated standards of quality. Recognizing the importance of connecting with our community and sharing our passion, we inaugurated our Tomball, Texas branch in 2002. Here, our Master Roaster takes pride in meticulously handcrafting every small batch of coffee. 

Having evolved into a cohesive and dedicated team, we are bound by a common passion and commitment. Our ongoing mission is to continually enhance our products while upholding the values of integrity and professionalism in serving our community. 

We firmly believe in our responsibility to share the robust chain established through diligent efforts, spanning from the farm to the mill and from exporter to roaster. For us, coffee is not just a beverage; it is a ritual, an inspiration that fuels our dedication to excellence.