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Brew Guide - Kalita Wave

What you'll need:

Coffee - 20 grams

Water - 320 grams  (205ºF)  

Kalita Wave Dripper

Kalita Wave Filter





STEP 1: Insert the Filter
Place the Kalita Wave Filter into the Kalita Wave Dripper and rinse with the water to help seal it against the dripper.

STEP 2: Measure & Grind
Measure out 20g of whole bean coffee. Once reaching the 20g, grind the coffee to a medium coarse, which is about the size of table salt.

STEP 3: Tare and Start Timer

Before adding the grounds, make sure you remove the water from the glass. Discard the hot water from the glass vessel before adding the ground coffee. Add the grounds into the bottom of the filter.


STEP 4: Saturate the Grounds                     Start your timer and pour 40 grams of water on to the coffee grounds, allowing for the coffee to bloom. Once it has bloomed, stir the coffee with a spoon.

STEP 5: First Pour
At 45 seconds, pour 80 grams of water onto the coffee, in a spiraling motion. The total weight should be around 150 grams.

STEP 6: Second Pour
At 1 minute 45 seconds, add 120 grams of water until the scale reads 240 grams.

STEP 7: Last Pour
Once the timer hits the 2 minute mark, continue to pour the water into the filter until the scale totals to 320 grams. 

STEP 8: Serve & Enjoy
As the coffee finishes dripping, remove the wave from the glass server. Stir the coffee and let it cool down a bit before enjoying!