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Baker's Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Stone Fruit




 ORIGIN: Ethiopia | Honduras | Uganda

 REGION: Sidamo | Marcala | Mt Elgon

 ELEVATION: 1500-2200 M

 PROCESS: Washed 

 VARIETY: Heirloom | Lempira | SL-18 

  NOTES: Baker's Chocolate | Graham Cracker | Stone Fruit

We are excited for the arrival of Otoño Weather. The cool mornings, shaking out the warm long days of summer. Leaves on trees turning into autumn colors as yellows and oranges. Every year we await this time to craft a blend with our freshest in-season ingredients to create a seasonal blend that meets the desired warm flavors of fall to experience in the cup. The 2022 edition of our Otoño Weather Blend hits the mark with notes of Baker’s Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Stone Fruit. Its balanced and complex flavor reflects the diversity of its single-origin ingredients: Ethiopian washed heirlooms offering, complemented by Honduras Acosta Family release, and rounded out with Mount Elgon, Uganda.