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Take a worldwide Coffee Tour with Copan Coffee Roasters!

We’ll teach you where our coffees come from and how they’re grown, harvested, and processed. You’ll learn about what specialty coffee is before participating in cupping, the official way coffee professionals score coffee. We’ll teach you how to identify aspects of the coffee’s taste, such as body, sweetness, acidity, flavor, and aftertastes.

With the aid of our Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel, you’ll learn the distinct flavor notes from each coffee’s origin from around the world, like Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Honduras, and Africa. Once your palate is familiar with the flavors, we will divide the group into teams for a Tasting Competition. Each team will try to correctly identify the origin country of an array of coffee sample selections. The winning Coffee Connoisseurs will get to roast their own coffee on-site, complete with their own personalized brand packaging!

Coffee Tours are great for individuals, birthday parties, school field trips, and are also ideal for fun experiences for corporate, nonprofit, and community professions. Adding coffee to team-building adds the final touch for a memorable and delectable experience!

If you have special requests regarding your team-building activities, we can customize your tour.


Coffee Tours take around 3 hours, depending on group size.

Individual Ticket: $60

Corporate Groups of 1-5: $600

Corporate Groups of 6-10: $850

Corporate Groups of 11-16:   $1,200

Corporate Groups of 17-20:   $1,300

Tours are available Weekdays from 2 pm to 6 pm.
Booking needs to be done at least 2 weeks in advance.

To schedule a Coffee Tour at Copan Coffee Roasters,

fill out the contact box below!