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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee; and Which Coffee Beans to Use

Posted by Paola Marino on
How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee; and Which Coffee Beans to Use

Perfection in every cup of coffee
No one likes grabbing a sub-par cup of joe in the morning any more than they like enjoying a bruised up apple or bread going off on the stale side! So why not avoid the risk of a less-than-perfect brew by going for gold every time? Luckily we have the ideal guide for those who would like to enjoy an incredible cup of coffee each and every time. There are some variables that play a big role in how good (or not so good) your coffee becomes including water, ratios, and even grind types. So, let us explore more and find out how to take that cup of coffee from average java to expert cup of joe.

Water, Water Everywhere
An often times overlooked aspect of perfect coffee is the water one uses. When brewing coffee, or even tea for that matter, it is important to use filtered or purified water. A water purifier on your tap should do the trick, otherwise, invest in some special water just for brewing if you can. Your water should be cold or room temperature before boiling, which brings us to our next important aspect of perfect coffee; temperatures.

Hot and Cold
The next most important factor when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee would certainly be the temperature you are boiling your water at. The use of timers and measuring tools for both water and grinds (more on that in a moment) will lead to a smooth brewing experience. To attain the proper level of extraction for your coffee, your water should be between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything too cold will lead to a flat brew, while too hot will lead to an over-extracted brew. Either way, both extremes won’t be the cup you were hoping for. To circumvent any unpalatable brews that may come out too bitter or too bland, try to aim for that happy median. Also, keep in mind as soon as coffee is brewed it begins to cool, so enjoy your coffee right away!

Grinds and Beans
There is a lot to say about the coffee beans one chooses for their coffee. Let’s start with the bean origins. While blends have a lot to bring to the table, many coffee purists prefer the artisanally developed single-origin beans. In this case, we will use Copan coffee roaster’s single-origin Colombia Supremo as an example. 

Just like other single-origin beans, Copan’s Colombia Supremo offers a unique catalog of flavors, hints, notes, and tastes that can only be attained from these particular beans. Beans from Ethiopia will offer their hints and notes, while Indonesian beans will offer a completely different palette altogether. 

Copan’s Colombia Supremo comes from the Antioquia region and is a blend of Bourbon, Caturra, and Typica varietals. This isn't a blend per se as these varietals are all different offshoots of the Arabica bean. They all bring something interesting and unique to the table and weave one delectable coffee experience. The profile for these beans includes some apple, caramel, and even citrusy tangerine tastes that create and harmonize together a fabulous flavor experience. 

These rich flavors come out the most naturally when one opts for a light roast over a darker roast. Beans that fit this profile with a lighter roasting will also be best enjoyed as a pour-over brewing. 

The best grind for light roasted Colombian beans in a pour-over would be medium fine for the best extraction possible. When it comes to grinding one's beans, it is ideal to measure out as much as you will need in one single brewing and to grind them on the spot rather than in advance which may lead to them going stale. For the best bean to water ratio opt for two tablespoons of coffee grounds per every six ounces of water for best results.

The brewing method is up to the coffee drinker, for our example, we have opted for pour-over because Copan Coffee Roasters' Colombia Supremo can put on a very aromatic, very flavorful, and very refreshing show when it undergoes the pour-over brewing method. 

When choosing a good brewing method, take into consideration the roast type and what sort of grind you would prefer for your beans. Some bean, grind, and roast types synergize a little more ideally than others but don’t let this stop you from developing your own tastes and preferences when enjoying your perfect brews!

The Perfect Cup of Coffee
Capturing that perfect cup of coffee can take time, patience, and precision. But for those who would like to give it a try, make sure to use the right water, ratios, grind types, roast types, temperatures, and brewing methods. And of course, don’t forget to try out your perfect brews using our single origin coffee: Colombian Supremo. These fruity and caramelly beans are ideal for any brewing experience and are certain to become your next go-to coffee beans.

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