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Blueberry, Fudge, Honey




 COUNTRY: Ethiopia | Colombia 

 REGION: Guji | Antioquia

 ALTITUDE: 1500-2200 M

 PROCESS: Natural | Washed

 VARIETY: Bourbon | Caturra | Heirloom 

  NOTES: Cocoa | Brown Sugar | Dried Berries


Description: Introducing Verano Cold Brew: a tantalizing blend of directly traded coffees from Ethiopia and Colombia. Experience the rich fudge notes of Colombian beans harmonizing with delightful blueberry hints from Ethiopian coffee. Cold brewed for 12-24 hours, our blend promises a smooth, flavorful sip every time. Whether you're a seasoned cold brew enthusiast or a newcomer, our DIY guide ensures effortless enjoyment at home. Elevate your coffee experience with Verano Cold Brew—your summer refreshment essential.

This coffee has been intentionally sourced and roasted to create the ideal cold brew. It is lower in acidity and higher in sugar browning, making it well-suited for use with dairy fats or enjoyable on its own with a smooth, sweet taste. The coffee beans are selected to withstand a significant degree of heat during the caramelization process, and the roast times are extended to enhance the body and reduce acidity. Designed exclusively for cold extraction, this coffee is expected to exhibit notes of cocoa, brown sugar, and a rich, creamy texture.