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Brew Guide - French Press

What you'll need:
Coffee - 30 grams
Water - 350 grams
French Press
Coffee Grinder


Step 1 - Boil the Water

Boil enough water to fill the French Press. If you are using a 17oz press, you will need roughly 350g.

Step 2 - Grind the Coffee

Waiting for the water to boil is a perfect time to grind your coffee. This brew calls for a coarse grind. We recommend starting with a 1:12 coffee-to-water ratio. If you're using 350 grams of water, you’ll want 30 grams of coffee.

Step 3 - Pour

To start, gently pour twice the amount of water than you have coffee onto your grounds. For example, if you have 30 grams of coffee, you’ll want to start with 60 grams of water.

Step 4 - Stir the Grounds

Stir the grounds with your spoon & give the coffee about 30 seconds to bloom.

Step 5 - Pour & Wait

Pour your remaining water onto the grounds and place the lid on top of the grounds, but don't plunge it quite yet. Allow for the coffee to steep for 4 minutes.

Step 6 - Press & Serve

Once the four minutes have passed, press the plunger all the way down until the grounds are packed on the bottom. Once you are done pressing, you are ready to serve!


Step 7 - Pour and Enjoy

Pour the fresh coffee into a cup or mug and sit back & relax.