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Brew Guide - Cold Brew


What you'll need:
Coffee - 68 grams
Cold Brew Bottle

Step 1 - Weigh & Grind
Using the scale, weigh 68g of coffee and grind it coarsely. You want the grounds to be about the size of kosher salt.

Step 2 - Add the Coffee to the Filter
Twist open the filter, add the grounded coffee into the bottom, and reattach the top of the filter. Twist the filter onto the top of the cold brew bottle.

Step 3 - Fill the Bottle
Attach the filter and top of the bottle to the glass bottle base. Fill the bottle to the top square mark with water then shake gently.

Step 4 - Sit for 8-12 Hours
Let the coffee brew for 8-12 hours in the refrigerator. Once the time has passed, gentle shake the bottle and remove the filter.

Step 5 - Enjoy
Place the top of the bottle back onto glass base, open the spout, and pour over ice. Enjoy a delicious cold brew coffee.