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Copan Coffee Roasters



Enjoying exceptional coffee at home is now more convenient than ever. Receive a monthly delivery of carefully chosen single-origin coffee without any commitment. 

Feel free to adjust your subscription at any time and explore a diverse array of flavors, origins, and varieties.

Selections include:

  • Burundi Kayanza
  • Costa Rica Tarrazu
  • Ethiopia Sidamo
  • Guatemala Jasmin
  • Honduras la Fortuna
  • Honduras Márcala Organic
  • Kenya N'guvu AA
  • Mexico Chiapas Organic
  • Sumatra Mandheling

By opting for a recurring coffee subscription, you acknowledge and comprehend that you are entering into a recurring arrangement, as detailed in terms of both amount and frequency on this page. You are aware that you will persistently receive shipments and incur charges at the specified amount for each installment until such time as you choose to cancel, pause, or modify your subscription.